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How to save money on iPhone repair


Has your iPhone been acting up? Is your touch screen not responding, or is the screen suddenly black? Don’t panic! Before you take it to a repair shop—and potentially pay for something you don’t need—try this simple 1-2-3 trick and see if it helps. Ready? Here we go!

Press and release Vol Up, Press and release Vol Down, and Press and Hold the Power button for 30 seconds (see picture for graphic instructions). If an Apple logo appears on the screen, release buttons and wait to see if your iPhone boots normally, and check for your issue is corrected or not.

When it comes to repairing your phone, you want the job done right so that you can easily get back to living an efficient and connected lifestyle. Knowing what the right shop is for phone repair, reading google reviews, asking friends and family for recommendations, and more are all important steps to finding the perfect fit. Don’t trust just anyone with this task; ensure that you pick someone who you know will do a great job so that no future problems arise. Don’t hesitate–to get a quote today by dialing 915-872-8844! We hope you’ve found this blog post helpful as you look for a reliable and dependable repair shop that fits the criteria of having budget-friendly prices, excellent customer service, and most importantly knowledge of what they’re doing! However you decide to proceed forward with getting your phone repaired, we wish you luck in finding trustworthy and dependable service.

You can also mail in your iPhone for repair, we are located in El Paso Texas. Get a Quote today! You can call us at 915-872-8844

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